I am an IT executive with a proven track-record in digitalisation, transformation, innovation and operational efficiency across multiple industries and regions. I focus on bridging technology and innovation to advance how we live and work.


Have built a reputation for successfully managing global teams, operating in cross-cultural organisations, implementing new global IT solutions and achieving high scale savings through strategic partnerships and simplification. In addition, I develop new services for future needs beyond current footprint. 


My focus for tangible results search for pragmatic and maintainable solutions. I mentor and advise startups on several dimensions and enjoy stimulating and enriching interactions.

Lived in Switzerland, France and USA and delivered results on C-level for companies such as UBS, Perot Systems/Dell, Apple, Kameleon Technology, Coop and Ciba/Novartis.


Interested in latest market trends in FinTech, ArtTech, Mobile Technology, BlockChain, Business Model Innovation and Human Centric Design.

Outside of work I enjoy the elements of water as a sailor and kite-surfer. Sharing those passions with others at great places is what makes me really tick in my private time.


Travelling to new countries, cultures and meeting new people is what makes a journey a complete experience for me.