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The Aligned Leader - how to effectively drive digital change programs.

Daniel Jordi, the CEO of Leadersbridge interviewed Chris Frey, a digital transformation expert. In this episode we look at how to effectively drive digital transformation programs and what are the essential building blocks.


The most important element is to start with an aligned vision, your north star. Click "read more" to get to the full video interview containing some very pragmatic insights and tips.




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Another Startup Mentoring Round At F10 - Congratulations GOUD

GOUD - a Belgium startup - created a new service for people in their golden years, allowing them to uphold their independence and freedom while enjoying their lives.


GOUD was part of the 6th F10 accelerator program in Zurich. F10 is an early startup accelerator in Switzerland supporting qualified startups globally. I had the pleasure to mentor GOUD through 2020 and 2021 and enjoy seeing the great outcome in its class.




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Digital Transformation And Innovation Beyond Technology

Most companies are on the race of digitalising their service offerings. While technology is important, it represents only one element of a successful digitalisation journey.


Whether you focus on Fintech collaboration, new technologies, process optimisations or all together; without evolving your internal culture it will be challenging to deliver on the required innovation and customer experience.

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