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The Aligned Leader - how to effectively drive digital change programs.

Daniel Jordi, the CEO of Leadersbridge interviewed Chris Frey, a digital transformation expert. In this episode we look at how to effectively drive digital transformation programs and what are the essential building blocks.


The most important element is to start with an aligned vision, your north star. Click "read more" to get to the full video interview containing some very pragmatic insights and tips.




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Digital Transformation And Innovation Beyond Technology

Most companies are on the race of digitalising their service offerings. While technology is important, it represents only one element of a successful digitalisation journey.


Whether you focus on Fintech collaboration, new technologies, process optimisations or all together; without evolving your internal culture it will be challenging to deliver on the required innovation and customer experience.

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Why it's not just about technology. The culture challenge. And the innovation myth.

The Global CIO Banking Conference 2019.


My key take aways from the very interesting Global CIO Banking Summit 2019 around the topics of digital, culture, transformation, emerging technologies and innovation. More right here:

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Speaking at the Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit 2018

Why Digitalisation is much bigger than Digital? Digitalisation will fundamentally change how we interact with our customers and more important, how they will interact with us. The journey has already started and is accelerating quickly. What defines successfull digitalization? In a future world where everything might be connected, automated, and always accessible, differentiation among banks will become more challenging.


I had the honour to speak at the 2nd Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit in Vienna, hosted by the Allan Lloyds Group. The essentials from the publication are below, which I hope are valuable as a reference guide for your own digitalisation journey. 

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Video interview at Global CIO Banking Summit

What's the role of FinTechs for banking? How will customer interactions change in the future? How must banks adopt to digital transformation? Can human centric design thinking help create better solutions?


I had the privilege to be interviewed at the Global CIO Banking Summit in the UK. The short video provides my view from what I have been breathing and living in the last years. I hope it will be valuable for your own journey.

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Interview for UBS and Art Basel launch: "In the digital age, is art for you?"

What role does technology play in such a passion field? More than you might think. Art is a passion field like music where excitement often comes from your personal taste. Moreover, the story behind the work or artist is very important as well as the "brand" of the art object to protect your investment. The majority of art buyers still put money down simply for the love and passion of the art piece in focus. 


Technology has a lot of potential in the art field. Especially if you consider that this is an annual two-digit billion-dollar business.  Read the interview I was privileged to give for UBS, where I had the great opportunity to work on several art innovation projects that looked at how innovation, technology and art could play together.

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Business Week: Apple Loves France, Sometimes

How do you convince Apple to partner with France for a prestigious, innovative but new and hence, risky digitalisation project? We were three MBA students, contractors and consultants who just wanted to automate digital media out of our passion for modern, simple and mobile technology. We approached the European headquarter of Apple and pitched our idea.


Our aim was to digitalize executive and key note speaker events, automate post processing and fast distribute media content to workstations and mobile devices. With the buy-in of the European Apple CEO and the HEC MBA dean, we ran the project as a mini-startup within Apple's European headquarter. We did not only achieve a proof of concept but also a signed partnership between Apple and the French ministry of education, which was published in BusinessWeek. We felt honoured being part of such a fantastic journey and kept focusing on innovation since.

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